English Exercises > comparatives/superlatives exercises > Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

  1.  Complete the sentences. Use the comparative forms of the short adjectives.
1. Tokyo is  than Shanghai.  (large)
2. Europe is  than South America.  (small)
3. The Amazon river is  than the Mississipi river.  (long)
4. Antarctica is  than Africa.  (cold)
5. The Caspian sea is  than lake Michigan.  (deep)
6. Brazil is  than Norway.  (hot)
7. Andagoya, Colombia, is  than Santiago, Chile. (wet)
8. The Atlantic ocean is than the Mediterranean.  (wide)
9. The Aconcagua, in South America, is  than Mt. McKinley, in North America.  (tall)
10.The Niger river is  than the Congo river. (short)
  2.  Complete the sentences. Use the comparative forms of the long adjectives.
1.    Gold is  than silver.  (expensive)
2.  Reality TV programmes are  than chat shows.  (interesting)
 3.  Science is difficult but Maths is .  (difficult)
4.  I think that Halle Berry is  than Sharon Stone.  (beautiful)
5. Tigers are  than crocodiles.  (dangerous)
  3.  Select the correct option.
1.   Jim Carrey is more funnyfunniestfunnier than Rob Schneider.  (funny)
2. The TV series Vampire Diaries  is more popularmost popularpopularer than Supernatural.  (popular)
3.   A sloth is slowestslowermore slow than a tortoise. (slow)
4.   Men are more intelligentless intelligentintelligenter than chimpanzees.  (intelligent)
5.  Trains are more fastfastestfaster than cars. (fast)
6.  Cristiano Ronaldo plays football more goodbetter than Figo. (good)
  1.  Complete the sentences. Use the superlative forms of the short adjectives.
1. Antarctica is the  place on Earth.  (cold)
2. Vatican City is the  country in the world.  (small)
3. The Atacama desert, in Chile, is the  place in the world.  (dry)
4. Mount Everest is the  mountain on Earth.  (tall)
5. The Nile river, in Egypt, is the  river in the world.  (long)
6. Colca Canyon, in Peru, is the  canyon on Earth. (deep)
7. Roe River, in Montana, USA, is the  river in the world.  (short)
8. The  and  sea in the world is the Red sea.  (warm)  (salty)
9. Lake Titicaca, in the Andes, is the  navigable lake in the world.  (high)
10. The  place on Earth is El Azizia, Lybia.  (hot)
11. Cherrapunji, in India, is the  place on Earth.  (wet)
12. The Pacific is the  ocean in the world.  (wide)
  2.  Complete the sentences. Use the superlative forms of the long adjectives.
1.    Bears are the  animals.  (dangerous)
2.   Rio de Janeiro is one of the  cities in the world.  (beautiful)
3.   The Bugatti Veyron is the  and  car.   (powerful)  (expensive)
4.    American Idol is the  TV show in America.  (popular)
5.    Bungee jump is one of the  adventures.  (exciting)
  3.  Select the correct option.
1.  The Giant Redwood is the  tallertallestmore tall tree in the world.
 2.  Thumbelina is the world’s smallestsmallermore small horse.
 3.   Football is the popularestmore popularmost popular sport in Brazil.
  4  .   The Simpsons is the funniestfunniermore funny programme on TV.
  5.   The cheetah is the fasterfastestmore fast animal in the world.
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