Exercises with prepositions of Place.English I and III.

Prepositions of Place 1
Put in the correct preposition.
1) He’s swimming the river..
2) Where’s Julie? She’s school..
3) The plant is the table..
4) There is a spider the bath..
5) Please put those apples the bowl..
6) Frank is holiday for three weeks..
7) There are two pockets this bag..
8) I read the story the newspaper..
9) The cat is sitting the chair..
10) Lucy was standing the bus stop..
11) I’ll meet you the cinema..
12) She hung a picture the wall..
13) John is the garden..
14) There’s nothing TV tonight..
15) I stayed home all weekend..
16) When I called Lucy, she was the bus..
17) There was a spider the ceiling..
18) Unfortunately, Mr Brown is hospital..
19) Don’t sit the table! Sit a chair…
20) There are four cushions the sofa..
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